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Welcome to the New Relic developer site

New Relic is an all-in-one platform that captures performance data critical to your team's success. Whether you're a developer installing your first agent or you're ready to query already ingested data, our docs site can help you find the best solution for your performance needs:

Or, if you're looking to build custom applications on top of our platform, keep exploring our developer site below.

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Create custom events

Define, visualize, and get alerts on the data you want using custom events

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7 min

Add tags to apps

Add tags to applications you instrument for easier filtering and organization

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12 min

Build a Hello, World! app

Build a Hello, World! app and publish it to your local New Relic One Catalog

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Get inspired

Add a table to your app

Add a table to your New Relic app

30 min

Automate common tasks

Use the New Relic CLI to tag apps and create deployment markers

20 min

Create a custom map view

Build an app to show page view data on a map

30 min

Add a time picker to your app

Add a time picker to a sample application

20 min

Automatically tag a simple "Hello World" Demo across the entire stack

See how easy it is to leverage automation in your DevOps environment!

30 min

Getting started with New Relic and Pulumi

Learn how to provision and manage New Relic resources with Pulumi

30 min

Looking for more inspiration? Check out the open source projects built by the New Relic community.

New Relic developer champions

New Relic Champions are solving big problems using New Relic as their linchpin and are recognized as experts and leaders in the New Relic technical community.

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New Relic Podcasts

We like to talk, especially to developers about developer things. Join us for conversations on open source, observability, software design and industry news.

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