Tear Down Telco Lite


This procedure is part of a lab that teaches you how to diagnose common issues using New Relic.

Each procedure in the lab builds upon the last, so make sure you've completed the last procedure, Diagnose error alerts, before starting this one.

You've diagnosed all the issues affecting Telco Lite! In a real-life scenario, you'd now have enough information to resolve your bad user experiences. As this lab winds down, however, it's time to tear down your demo infrastructure so you avoid unnecessary costs.

Tear down your services


If you're still exploring, don't tear down your services, or you'll have to deploy them again later.

Follow the Teardown guide in the deployer's repository to tear down the services you created in your cloud provider.


Congratulations, you're done! Throughout this lab, you:

  • Used the demo-deployer to deploy Telco Lite to the cloud
  • Used New Relic to investigate simulated issues in Telco Lite services
  • Tore down all the infrastructural resources you created throughout this tutorial

Hopefully, you learned a lot about using New Relic to investigate issues in your services.


To get your hands on more features of New Relic, pick another demo from the catalog and spin it up with the deployer!