Intro to terms and definitions for New Relic One

When building a New Relic One application, it can help you to understand the components and tools you'll be using:


A New Relic One application is made up of:

  • A Nerdpack: The package containing all the files required by your application. It contains two types of files that you'll customize to build your app: Nerdlets, and the launcher.
  • One or more Nerdlet filesA specific UI view or window. A Nerdlet is a React JavaScript package that includes an index.js file, a stylesheet, and a JSON-format config file. It can contain any JS functionality (charts, interactive fields, tooltips, etc.). 
  • A launcher file: Your team members select the launcher to open your application. It's located on the New Relic One home page

Want to understand the file structure? See Nerdpack file structure.  


Tools you'll be using to build a New Relic One app include:

  • CLI: Use our CLI (command line interface application) to generate Nerdpack/Nerdlet templates, locally serve your app, manage the app, and deploy it to New Relic One.
  • React: To build out the functionality of your Nerdlets, you'd use:

    • Our nr1 component library, which includes UI components (charts, tooltips, etc.) and API calls that give you access to platform features/functions.

    • Any React package.
  • NerdGraph: Our GraphQL API, used for retrieving data and making mutations (like saving user/account data). Explore our schema with our GraphiQL interface.
  • NRQL: The New Relic query language, used for retrieving data from the entities you monitor.
  • NerdStorage: NerdStorage lets you store data related to using your app, such as user data, account data, or entity data.