New Relic C SDK

Monitor any application that has C libraries. No agent needed.

Our C SDK is designed to support the often complex, multi-threaded nature of C/C++ applications. You can gain a new level of visibility to help you identify and solve performance issues. You can also collect and analyze data to help you improve the customer experience and make data-driven business decisions.

Here's an example of an app instrumented with the C SDK. For more detail, see the C SDK GitHub repo

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <unistd.h>

#include "libnewrelic.h"

int main(void) {
  newrelic_app_t* app;
  newrelic_txn_t* txn;
  newrelic_app_config_t* config;
  newrelic_segment_t* seg;

  config = newrelic_create_app_config("YOUR_APP_NAME", "_NEW_RELIC_LICENSE_KEY_");

  if (!newrelic_configure_log("./c_sdk.log", NEWRELIC_LOG_INFO)) {
    printf("Error configuring logging.\n");
    return -1;

  if (!newrelic_init(NULL, 0)) {
    printf("Error connecting to daemon.\n");
    return -1;

  /* Wait up to 10 seconds for the SDK to connect to the daemon */
  app = newrelic_create_app(config, 10000);

  /* Start a web transaction and a segment */
  txn = newrelic_start_web_transaction(app, "Transaction name");
  seg = newrelic_start_segment(txn, "Segment name", "Custom");

  /* Interesting application code happens here */

  /* End the segment and web transaction */
  newrelic_end_segment(txn, &seg);


  return 0;