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New Relic Builders

Our goal with the New Relic Community is to make everyone feel welcome regardless of their background or current ability, recognize everyone's individuality and help them to find a way to learn that fits their needs, award members that are active and helpful and be a safe space where everyone is comfortable to teach, learn and grow, The New Relic Builders is an important piece to make sure these goals are reached.

The New Relic Builders is vital to achieve these goals.

What is a Builder?

Builders are special members of our community and will be there to welcome new members, helping them feel at home, guide people in their tech journeys with their experience and advice, and share with the community what they know, helping everyone around to level up.

New Relic Builders are developers who want to be part of this community and share our goals, have expertise to educate other developers, and are looking for a platform to be heard and make a difference. up.

Apply to be a Builder

Why be a New Relic Builder?

Being a New Relic builder means that you are a part of a group that cares about their community and wants to help them to grow and thrive. You like to build things, learn and share your expertise with others. But the most important is that you CARE about the impact you can make on your community.

Here is what you get:

Learn the Craft

You will develop the art of content production for the tech community by working alongside great content creators. You will be mentored by a DevRel team mate to level up your content skills.

Build your personal Brand

Gain exposure to build and grow your personal brand, while working on your portfolio and making connections with great people.

Mentor Others

There is no better way to learn than teaching! You will have the chance to further develop your skills and give back to a supportive community, helping others to grow.

I want in!

What are the Builder's responsibilities?

As a New Relic Builder, we will expect you to create content to meet the program's needs, and you will get the help and guidance from our DevRel team on that.

Be ready to mentor other members of our community, both in their technical growth as well as content production.

Last but not least, you will be expected to to make and uphold commitments related to the program.

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What are the Requisites?

If you to not check every box bus still believe you would be a great Builder, apply anyway!

    The Must haves:

  • Be comfortable creating content in English,
  • Have expertise in your tech stack of choice,
  • Track record of producing engaging developer education materials,
  • No history of community conflict, CoC violations, or other problematic behavior,
  • Commitment to the values of the program.

    It is nice to have:

  • Be an active member of our online community
  • Have experience using New Relic products.

    You get extra brownie points if:

  • You have an existing audience
  • Are well known in other tech communities

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