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You're the developer of Relicstraunt, a React app that lets users order food from their favorite restaurants. Unfortunately, you've had no visibility into how your app is performing. However, you undertsand the importance of observability and surprised by a recent spike in popularity, you've decided to start monitoring your application.

In this lab, you instrument your application with New Relic agents and monitor its metrics, logs, events, and transactions.


  • Spin up your React demo application.
  • Install New Relic Application Performance Monitoring (APM) agent.
  • Install New Relic browser monitoring agent
  • View your data in New Relic
  • Add Alerts
  • Explore your data
  • Create a custom dashboard



1. Set up your lab environment

Spin up your Relicstaurants application and simulator

5 min

2. Instrument your application with our APM agent

Instrument your Angular application with our Node JS agent

10 min

3. Instrument your application with our browser agent

Instrument your Angular application with our browser agent

10 min

4. Add alerts

Add alerts to your Relicstaurants app

15 min

5. See your data in action

See how New Relic helps you triage any performance degradation in your application

15 min

6. Explore your data using NRQL

Explore your data in New Relic using NRQL

15 min

7. Collect custom business data

Collect custom business data from your application

10 min

8. Create a custom dashboard

Query your Relicstaurant data for business insights and create a custom dashboard from it

15 min
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