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Add alerts

15 min


This procedure is part of a lab that teaches you how to monitor your application with New Relic.

Each procedure in the lab builds upon the last, so make sure you've completed the last procedure, Query custom Business Data, before starting this one.

With your app reporting performance and custom business data, you now have full visibility in your application. Happy with your current experinece, you came to know about New Relic alerts, and you've decided to add them.

With alerts, you monitor your services and receive notifications about problems that you're interested in, so that you can react fast to troubleshoot and resolve them.

Create an alert policy

Before you set alert conditions, you must create a policy.

From Alerts & AI, go to Alert conditions (Policies) from the left-hand navigation. Then, click New alert policy.

new alert policy

Name your policy "FoodMe alert policy" alert policy. Use the default values for the rest of the fields, and click Create alert policy at the end of the page.

create an alert policy

The next step is to add conditions to the alert policy.

Create alert conditions

You're going to add the following alert conditions:

  • Low Apdex score
  • High page load time

Create a low Apdex score alert condition

Under FoodMe alert policy, click Create a condition.

create alert condition

Here, select APM > Application metric and Scope to the application. Then, click Next, select entities.

Choose category for new condition

Under Select entities, select your food-me application, and click Next, define thresholds.

Select entities for new condition

You want to be notified when your application's Apdex score is below 0.85 for 5 minutes. Adjust threshold, and name your condition Low Apdex score.

Select thresholds for new condition

Add a warning threshold of 0.9, and click Create condition.

Add warning threshold for new condition

You can now find this alert condition under FoodMe alert policy.

Create a high page load time condition

Add another condition under the same policy by clicking Add a condition.

Add a new condition

Here, select Browser > Metric, and click Next, select entities.

Browser category condition

Under Select entities, select your food-me application, and click Next, define thresholds.

Select entities for new condition

You want New Relic to alert you when your page takes longer than 2 seconds to load at least once in 5 minutes.

Adjust the threshold, and name your condition High page load time. Then, click Create conditions.

Create high page load alert conditions

Add a notification channel

To receive notifications for any opened violations, you also need to add a notification channel.

First, move to the Notification channels tab, and click Add notification channels.

add notification channel

From the list of channel options, click Email.

email notification channel

Select the email where you want to receive your notifications, and click Update policy.

update policy

Now, you have a notification channel.

During this procedure, you created an alert policy and added "low Apdex score" and "high page load time" conditions to it. You also added a notification channel to receive notifications about any opened violations.


Well done! Now that you've gotten a jump start with New Relic to monitor your application, here are some docs that will help you take the next steps on your journey.

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