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New Relic provides different solutions for you to kick start your observability journey. But wouldn't it be cool if you wouldn't have to manually set up the observability building block? Instead you could just click, install and get value from your data.

New Relic I/O equips you with integrations, dashboards, and other observability building blocks to get value from your data faster. We have a growing number of quickstarts that you can use for instant observability. Didn't find what you're looking for? You're always welcome to create a quickstart and contribute it to help others instantly monitor and observe their services.

Guides to quickstarts

Populate your alert configurations with NerdGraph

Use NerdGraph to query your existing alert configurations, and add those configurations to your quickstart.

10 min

Build a quickstart

Quickstarts gives you a jump start in your observability journey with New Relic. You can use them to quickly and easily observe and monitor your services

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