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On August 31, 2024, we're EOLing developer.newrelic.com. All relevant content has been migrated to docs.newrelic.com.

New Relic Data Bytes

Data Bytes is a video series produced by engineers and practitioners for engineers and practitioners.

Data Bytes episodes are crowd sourced, super short, micro topic focused video screencast demos of tips, tricks, features, functionality, news and ideas. Less formal than documentation, easier to digest than a tutorial. Released regularly to keep New Relic practitioners up to date with fresh and interesting content.

Data Bytes playlist

How to consume Data Bytes

Find the latest Data Bytes episode on the New Relic YouTube channel Data Bytes Playlist We encourage you to subscribe to the Data Bytes RSS feed and add it to your Slack or Team channel. Fresh content will be delivered directly to you when it is published.

The RSS feed url is:

Add to Slack
In Slack you can subscribe any channel to this feed using the following command:
/feed subscribe https://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?playlist_id=PLmhYj7Jl81JEV-llIDkCVC05tD7fbOv_b

Add to Microsoft Teams
To add the feed to Teams add the RSS url to the RSS Feeds connector app.

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