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New Relic Developer Champions

New Relic Champions are the voice of the developer community. As experts and innovators, they are given the resources to not only share the newest product innovations and updates but also to provide feedback of the community back to New Relic product and engineering teams.

Champions solve big problems using New Relic as their toolkit and are recognized as experts and leaders in the New Relic technical community.

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What do Developer Champions do?

New Relic Champions demonstrate expertise in using New Relic products by solving large problems and positioning New Relic as a central force in their strategies. The New Relic Champions is a recognition and partnership program designed to acknowledge the developers that are driving innovation within their companies and making top contributions to the developer community.They also commit to making their work public by:

Open-source contributions

Serving as an open-source author or maintainer for an accepted public project related to New Relic One

Content creation

Authoring two pieces of content in the New Relic Explorers Hub / Dev website

Community engagement

Delivering and/or organizing two events focused on an observability platform theme in which New Relic plays a crucial role

Nominate a Developer Champion

Why should you join and how will we support?

As a benefit of being a Developer Champion, New Relic provides unique access to our Developer Advocacy team and the resources of our product organization, as well as specialized recognition and rewards.

Developer Champions benefits:

  • Formal, specialized access to the New Relic Product organization
    • Champions have direct access to the New Relic’s Developer Ecosystem team
    • Custom badge to wear with pride at events
  • Public recognition on the New Relic Developer website and badging in the New Relic Explorers Hub as a Champion
  • Exclusive Champion-only swag
  • Early access program for some of our products (under NDA)
  • Priority access to off-site FutureHack events (including when Lew is participating)
  • Increased Explorer’s Hub support SLA Access to private Developer Champion Explorer’s Hub group
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