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Nerd Days is a free 1-day event focused on building more perfect software

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Nerd Days is a FREE engineering conference that kicks off November 10 (Dates vary by region)

What is Nerd Days exactly…

Nerd Days is a FREE engineering conference that kicks off November 10, 2020 (Dates vary by region). Focused on building more perfect software, our goal is to spend less time looking at slides that tell you what software can do and more time on getting your hands on the software to solve problems efficiently.


  • Live workshops
  • Live coding and demos
  • Customer examples
  • Panel / Q&A sessions

Save the date & join us online

Whether you’re new or a data nerd, there’s an interactive session for you. Choose the sessions you're interested in and add Nerd Days to your calendar.

Date: November 10, 2020
Time: 9:45AM GMT - 3:30 - 4 pm GMT (Depending on last session)

We look forward to building with you during Nerd Days! If you have any questions about Nerd Days please emails emeamarketing@newrelic.com

Additional Nerd Days Events

  • AMER RegistrationOct 13, 2020
  • APJ RegistrationNov 11, 2020


Speaker line up

Get hands on with sessions presented by the following Relics, partners, Developer Champions, and customers.

  • Anton Malinovskiy

    Anton Malinovskiy

    Principal Software Engineer

    Ocado Technology

  • Ben Evans

    Ben Evans

    Principal Software Engineer

    New Relic

  • Daisy Muyldermans

    Daisy Muyldermans

    Associate Solutions Engineer

    New Relic

  • Daniel Aguas

    Daniel Aguas

    Software Developer


  • Idir Ouhab Meskine

    Idir Ouhab Meskine

    Solutions Consultant

    New Relic

  • Irene Lopez

    Irene Lopez

    Software Engineer

    New Relic

  • Jason Clark

    Jason Clark

    Principal Software Engineer

    New Relic

  • Javier Ramos

    Javier Ramos

    Principal Site Reliability Engineer


  • Liam Hurrell

    Liam Hurrell

    Senior Technical Training Specialist

    New Relic

  • Manesh Tailor

    Manesh Tailor

    Services Solutions Director

    New Relic

  • Miguel Mingorance

    Miguel Mingorance

    Systems Engineer

    Delivery Hero

  • Steve Woodard

    Steve Woodard

    Enterprise Solutions Architect


  • Stijn Polfliet

    Stijn Polfliet

    Principal TechOps Strategy Consultant

    New Relic

  • Tom Doherty

    Tom Doherty

    Lead Technical Training Program Manager

    New Relic

  • William Janssen

    William Janssen


    Delta Blue


Tracks will vary by region. All sessions will be recorded and distributed after the event.

  • Observability
  • open source
    Open source
  • Fundamentals

Nerd Days EMEA Agenda

We’ve got a packed schedule with thought-leaders of their respective industries

Open source
9:45 AM

Welcome and Opening

10:00 AM

Setting SLOs, SLAs and SLIs in the Real World

Javier Ramos

React and the power of visualization

Daisy Muyldermans

Instrumenting your service using agents

Tom Doherty
11:00 AM

Who Watches the Watchman: Custom metrics with Micrometer

Anton Malinovskiy

5 Steps to Kubernetes Observability

Stijn Polfliet

Exploring your data using NRQL

Liam Hurrell
12:00 PM

Lunch Break

12:30 PM

Fireside Chat: Frontline engineering in 2020

Manesh Tailor & Steve Woodard
1:00 PM

GraphQL: Smooth Schemas and Rough Edges

Irene Lopez & Jason Clark

Reducing toil with Terraform

Miguel Mingorance

Custom Data Collection

Tom Doherty
2:00 PM

Test in production with KPI-driven release management

William Janssen

Plot your data

Daniel Aguas

Alerts Best Practices

Liam Hurrell
3:00 PM

New Relic AI

Idir Ouhab Meskine

How We Became Open By Default

Ben Evans

True availability using Synthetics

Tom Doherty

Engage with the developer community

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