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Instant Observability (I/O)Cassandra


Monitoring Cassandra is critical for healthy database operations and Cassandra clusters. The New Relic Cassandra Quickstart guarantees an efficient way to monitor Cassandra.
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What's included




Open-source NoSQL database management platform built for large datasets.


Why monitor Cassandra?

Monitoring Cassandra performance is vital to identify slowdowns, diagnose issues, and take prompt actions to correct any problems. Monitor Cassandra efficiently with New Relic’s Cassandra quickstart.

Cassandra quickstart highlights

The New Relic Cassandra quickstart automatically instruments your database and includes pre-built dashboards visualizing:

  • client request rates
  • average pending pool tasks
  • active request pool tasks
  • active and pending read tasks by node
  • write/read latency

New Relic + Cassandra - Your tool for better monitoring

Monitor all Cassandra key performance indicators with the New Relic Cassandra integration. This gives you insights on client request rates, average pending and active request pool tasks, active and pending read tasks by node, write latency, read latency, etc.

The Cassandra integration sends performance metrics and inventory data from your Cassandra database to the New Relic platform. On the platform, you can view pre-built dashboards of your Cassandra metric data, create alert policies, query data for troubleshooting purposes, and create charts.

Monitoring multiple Cassandra servers from the same integration is possible with New Relic by leveraging the multi-instance monitoring configuration. Our integration allows you to monitor Cassandra running as a service in Kubernetes or on Amazon ECS. You can also install New Relic's infrastructure monitoring agent on a Linux host that is running Cassandra.

Download the New Relic Cassandra Quickstart now to monitor Cassandra query performance and improve Cassandra speed. Address the issue of complexity in your data infrastructure and ensure the good health of Cassandra clusters.

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