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Instant Observability (I/O)HAProxy


New Relic's instant observability quickstart provides alerts, multiple instance monitoring, and dashboards to detect the health and availability of servers to resolve issues before impacting end-users.
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What's included




Free, open-source software load balancer and proxy server for TCP and HTTP-based applications that spreads traffic across multiple servers.


Complete quickstart for HAProxy monitoring

HAProxy monitoring helps maintain system performance and provides the visibility you need to identify and resolve the cause of errors and latency. When you monitor HAProxy in real-time, you can see the entire service topology of your data pipeline and applications in an HAProxy dashboard.

Keep track of TCP and HTTP-based applications powered by the highly available and stable TCP/HTTP load-balancing software and proxy solution.

New Relic HAProxy quickstart highlights

New Relic's HAProxy monitoring agent tracks server capacity to ensure that it can handle all concurrent sessions. You can efficiently manage your resources and run applications optimally by keeping an eye on real-time HAProxy status and statistics.

New Relic's HAProxy monitoring quickstart has the following out-of-the-box features so you can monitor your frontend/server inventory and the health/availability of your backend servers:

  • Alerts (latency and errors)
  • Dashboards (bytes sent and received per second, frontend statuses, request errors per second, sessions per second, and active servers - same dashboards for both front and backend)

New Relic - The complete HAProxy dashboard tool

New Relic's instant observability quickstart provides a complete view of server health, capacity, and potential latency issues in a single HAProxy dashboard. Track frontend request rates in real-time, gauge the peaks and the drops, and better manage traffic spikes. Get a comprehensive view of the entire infrastructure to remediate errors before impact on user experiences by correlating frontend and backend metrics.

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