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Instant Observability (I/O)Nginx


NGINX New Relic integration makes your NGINX servers healthy and prevents poor user experience in your web applications. Download the New Relic NGINX quickstart now to monitor NGINX’s critical metrics and improve NGINX performance.
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What's included




Web server which can also be used as a reverse proxy, load balancer, mail proxy, and HTTP cache.


Why monitoring Nginx is so important

NGINX is one of the fastest‑growing open-source web servers in the world. However, in some cases, NGINX may not serve requests as quickly as expected due to problems in an application or architecture. Monitoring NGINX performance is essential to ensure that your web application and server environment are healthy. The key to effective NGINX monitoring is the New Relic NGINX quickstart.

New Relic Nginx quickstart features

  • Dashboards: NGINX dashboards proactively monitor NGINX metrics like requests per second, active connections, connections accepted per second, connections dropped per second, etc.
  • Automatic On-host integrations instrumentation
  • Compatible with both NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus

New Relic - the complete Nginx performance monitoring tool

Monitor key NGINX with the New Relic NGINX Performance monitoring integration with metrics like requests per second, connections accepted per second, connections dropped per second, etc. Specifically, our NGINX integration collects and sends inventory and metrics from your NGINX server to the New Relic platform, where you can see valuable insights. From that platform, you can also query data, understand integration data in detail, and create alert conditions.

In addition, the integration provides useful aggregates of detailed error reports for HTTP error responses. This gives you early warnings of missing pages or code errors and exceptions. With the New Relic NGINX integration, you can monitor NGINX running on an Ubuntu server or running as a service in Kubernetes or on Amazon ECS. The tool is compatible with both the open-source and commercial versions of NGINX.

Download the New Relic NGINX quickstart today to improve NGINX response time, execute NGINX performance tuning, and monitor NGINX traffic efficiently! It is the key to a healthy NGINX server that provides a seamless user experience for web applications.

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