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Instant Observability (I/O)pkg/errors


Monitor pkg/errors with New Relic's Golang agent
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What's included

Pkg Errors


High CPU Utilization

This alert is triggered when the CPU Utilization is above 90%.


Memory Usage

This alert is triggered when Memory usage is above 90%


Apdex Score

This alert is triggered when the Apdex score is below 0.5 for 5 minutes


Transaction Errors

This alert is triggered when the the transactions fail more than 10% of the time in 5 minutes.


Go agent compatibility and requirements


What is pkg/errors?

Wrap pkg/errors errors to improve stack traces and error class information

Get started!

Leverage community expertise and instantly get value out of your telemetry data. This quickstart automatically instruments pkg/errors with the New Relic Go agent, and allows you to further leverage New Relic's APM capabilities by setting up custom dashboards, errors inbox, transaction tracing, and service maps.

More info

Check out the documentation to learn more about New Relic monitoring for pkg/errors.

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