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Instant Observability (I/O)Superwise Model Observability Platform

Superwise Model Observability Platform

Superwise Model Observability Platform
Use Superwise to gain observability and monitor your models through New Relic platform.
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What's included

Superwise - ML Models Overview


Superwise Docs

Documentation about Integrating Superwise with New Relic


Superwise solves model observability for high-scale ML operations. A model is relatively straightforward to monitor and maintain. The same cannot be said when you have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of models running in the real world, all with a direct impact on your products and business. Superwise creates model context through automation and insights so that data scientists, ML engineers, and business operations know when something goes wrong in the real world without alert fatigue or management trust issues so you can focus on continuously building newer, better models. Get immediate alerts on latency issues and automatically detect anomalies to ensure the best performance within production systems.

Using this integration users can levarage New Relic capabilities with Superwise data and insights.

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