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Instant Observability (I/O)Synthetics Page Load performance

Synthetics Page Load performance

Synthetics Page Load performance
Full page load of a given URL which provides deep data insights like resource breakdowns and timelines.
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Getting started

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What is Synthetics monitoring?

Synthetic monitoring is a suite of automated, scriptable tools to monitor your websites, critical business transactions, and API endpoints. You can simulate user traffic to proactively detect and resolve outages and poor performance of critical endpoints before your customers notice.

What is a Synthetics Page Link Crawler

Synthetics Page Load performance monitors essentially are simple, pre-built scripted browser monitors. They make a request to your site using an instance of Google Chrome and wait for a full page load.

Compared to a simple ping monitor, this is a more accurate emulation of an actual customer visit. The user agent is identified as Google Chrome.

The check will return you detailed resource breakdowns and timelines to debug performance and latency issues.

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