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Build on New Relic One: The workshop

Want to learn how to build a custom New Relic One application? Our New Relic One workshop will teach you to:

  • Build your UI with our recommended React component library or your own React/JS components. 
  • Use NerdGraph (our GraphQL API) and NRQL (New Relic query language) to get New Relic data into your visualizations.
  • Access New Relic One platform capabilities.
  • Publish and deploy your app.


Intro to New Relic's NerdGraph (GraphQL)

Learn how to use NerdGraph, our GraphQL API, with software engineer Emery Gerndt Otopalik.

NerdGraph is an efficient and flexible query language that gives you the power to request exactly the data you need. While typical REST APIs require loading from multiple URLs, GraphQL APIs get all the data your app needs in a single request.



Create a custom Infrastructure integration

Discover how to build a custom integration using the New Relic Infrastructure Integrations SDK. 

This example infrastructure integration emulates capturing events and temperature metrics from a fictional control system (for an equally fictional bagel and deli chain).


API tutorials

Managing dashboards with the New Relic Rest API: Learn how to create widget and dashboard templates to share across your organization, automatically create dashboards for new teams or services that are pre-populated with a specific set of metrics and charts, and use the API to view dashboard schema and save them in a central repository for source control and backups.

Using the New Relic REST API: Learn how to use the New Relic REST API to retrieve data from your account, extract data via GET requests, and change some account configurations. You'll also learn how to use the API Explorer to discover the data available to you via the REST API, obtain cURL commands, and see JSON responses.

Adding custom data with the APM agent API: Learn how to use the New Relic APM Agent API to send custom data about your app for a more detailed and in-depth view of your app’s performance, including the ways your users engage with your app.

Insights custom data overview: Learn about the types of data captured automatically within Insights and take your analysis to the next level by adding your own business data. Add important context to your existing data with Custom Attributes or import additional data sets with Custom Events for more detailed user analytics.

Adding custom events with the Event API: Learn how to import data as JSON to the Event API endpoint. See how you can enrich existing data streams and add important context to your data to make full use of our capabilities and visualizations for analyzing data in real-time.

NRQL tutorials

Writing NRQL queries: How to ask questions about your data with the New Relic Query Language (NRQL). Whether you're familiar with querying syntax or not, this tutorial gives you the foundation you need to access a powerful array of capabilities and visualizations for analyzing your data in real-time. 

Funnel queries: How to ask questions about the completion of steps in a process or a series of actions.

Filter queries: How to write a filter query to narrow the scope of a large store of data by a single, specific parameter.

Cohort analysis queries: How to write a cohort analysis query using NRQL's FACET clause to analyze time-based data.

Advanced segmentation: How to write an advanced segmentation query to break data into groups by attribute and display results with numerical values.

Histogram and heat map: How to write queries that displays data in histogram and heat map charts to show the distribution and frequency of data.

Percentile queries: How to write a query using the percentile function to identify performance outliers and help set a standard of performance within your app.

Apdex queries: How to write queries using the apdex function to view and compare overall Apdex scores or to test different t-values.

Using math queries: How to write queries using basic mathematical functions to analyze any numerical data.

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