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Nerd Days is a free 1-day event focused on building more perfect software

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Nerd Days is a FREE engineering conference that kicks off October 13 (Dates vary by region)

Focused on building more perfect software, our goal is to spend less time looking at slides that tell you what software can do and more time on getting your hands on the software to solve problems efficiently.

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Choose the sessions you're interested in add Nerd Days to your calendar. You’ll hear from fellow engineers who built New Relic solutions and New Relic users from various industries. Whether you’re new or a data nerd, there’s an interactive session for you.

Date: October 13, 2020
Time: 9AM PST - 3PM PST

We look forward to building with you during Nerd Days! If you have any questions about Nerd Days please emails deco@newrelic.com.

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Tracks will vary by region. All sessions will be recorded and distributed after the event.

  • Observability
  • Cloud migration
  • open source
    Open source
  • devops journey
    Devops journey
  • Fundamentals

Nerd Days AMER Agenda

We’ve got a packed schedule with thought-leaders of their respective industries

Cloud migration
DevOps journey
Open source
9:00 AM


Lew Cirne
10:00 AM

Instrumenting your service using agents

Increased Maturity with Full Stack Observability

Deploying an app on Kubernetes

Delivering SRE as a Service

Building applications on New Relic One

11:00 AM

Exploring your data using NRQL

New Relic AI

Going Serverless: Chipping at the monolith

Logging for Modern Organizations

Grafana and Prometheus with TDP

12:00 PM

Lunch Break

Distant Disco
1:00 PM

Custom Instrumentation

Exploring Data with NerdGraph

Tool Consolidation

Flex Integration - Build Your First Linux Configuration

Open Source powers the New Relic One Catalog

2:00 PM

Alerts Best Practices

The Art & Science of Deciphering Perceived Performance: A look at how user behavior affects your data

Kubernetes Observability

Measuring code pipelines

New Relic CLI Wizardry/ Reducing toil with Terraform

3:00 PM

True availability using Synthetics

How Observability-Driven Development accelerates DevOps transformations

CFP Customer Session: Cloud fundamentals

Testing in Production

NerdStorageVault: ThirdParty Secrets

4:00 PM

Closing + Swag

Jemiah Sius and Team

Engage with the developer community

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