View a summary of your data


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Now that you’re sending your data to New Relic, use our platform to visualize and analyze your OpenTelemetry data.

First, go to New Relic:

OpenTelemetry at New Relic

Notice the OpenTelemetry service in the left-hand navigation on your account homepage.


You may have to wait a few minutes before seeing your results in New Relic. If you’re still not seeing results, remember to set your environment variable NEW_RELIC_API_KEY to your New Relic license key:


Also, check your code against ours to make sure you correctly instrumented your application.

Select Services-OpenTelemetry from the left-hand navigation, then choose fibonacci, which is the service name you specified when you instrumented your application:

Your OpenTelemetry service

Here, you see a summary of your OpenTelemetry service:

Service summary

With only a few lines of OpenTelemetry instrumentation code, you see response times and the number of requests for your service. You also see a chart for the Error rate in your service.

Because you instrumented your application with the tracing API, head over to distributed tracing to view your trace data.


This lesson is a part of our OpenTelemetry masterclass. Continue on to the next lesson: View your traces.