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New Relic Student Edition

New Relic Student Edition in GitHub Student Developer Pack

Traditional computer sciences are great, but hands-on experience with modern platforms positions you as a more competitive candidate. The New Relic Student Edition gives you access to the same industry tools that observability professionals use--for free.

Whether you’re just getting started with your engineering journey, looking to pivot into a career in tech, or an educator ready to share the value of modern technology, we’ve got you covered. With our training, certifications, and best-in-class observability platform you'll have everything you need to compete in the market.

We're excited to announce the New Relic Student Edition as an exclusive offer in the GitHub Student Developer Pack. GitHub created the Student Developer Pack to help students ship software like pros, and the New Relic Student Edition contributes to that goal.

To access the Student Edition, sign up for a free account and verify your student status using the GitHub Student Developer Pack

Access the New Relic Student Edition


Signup for FREE Account

To access the Student Edition, create a free New Relic account. After that, verify your student status.

Sign up for a free account

Verify Your Student Status

The Student Edition is offered through the GitHub Student Developer Pack. If you don't have access to GitHub Students, sign up and verify your account.

GitHub Student Developer Pack

Enjoy Using New Relic

After your status is verified, your account is upgraded to the Student Edition, giving you three full users and 500GB of data ingest.

Access New Relic One

What does the Student Edition offer?

There's no substitute for hands-on experience. That’s why we designed the New Relic Student Edition,
which gives students and educators full access to New Relic One, including:

Three full users

Work with your friends and classmates like a real-world production team

500 GB/month of data ingest

Collect, analyze, and alert on all your metrics, events, logs, and traces from any source

Free-tier AI

Instantly detect, diagnose, and resolve issues before they become a problem

Sign up for a free account

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access New Relic Student Edition?

New Relic offers the Student Edition exclusively through the GitHub Student Pack. To verify your account's eligibility, authorize your GitHub account.

Learn more about GitHub Education if you don't have GitHub Student Developer Pack yet.

  • Sign up for Student Edition. You'll be prompted to create or log in to your GitHub account
  • Apply for the GitHub Student Developer Pack, which requires proof of enrollment in an accredited institution
  • Once you’re verified through GitHub, sign in to the Student Edition with the token emailed to you to get started

Can I purchase Student Edition?

New Relic offers the Student Edition for FREE to students and educators.

Can I share my Student Edition with friends?

The student edition comes with three full users. Your friends and classmates are also welcome to sign up for their own free account.

Where can I check the status of my student verification with GitHub?

In your GitHub account settings, visit Applications > Authorized OAuth Apps to check if you have authorized the New Relic OAuth app. If you granted this application access to your GitHub account, you should hear back from GitHub as soon as they have verified your student status.

What if I already have a New Relic free account?

No problem! Just upgrade your account to the Student Edition. In the main menu, look for Student Edition and follow the instructions.

What is the difference between the Student Edition and New Relic free account?

Check out this quick comparison chart

FeatureStudent EditionFree Tier
Free Full Users3 users1 user
Free Data500 GB/mo100 GB/mo
Production UseNoYes

I’m having trouble verifying my student status with GitHub.

Troubleshoot any GitHub verification related issues here, or contact GitHub directly.

Does my Student Edition expire?

You'll have access to the Student Edition for as long as you’re an active student in the GitHub Student pack.

Can I upgrade my Student Edition account to a paid account?

Yes! Just enter your information and credit card details into the ‘Manage Plan’ screen, and you’ll convert your account to a paid account!
(Note: Depending on your usage monthly charges may apply)

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