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Automate workflows

When building today's complex systems, you want an easy, predictable way to verify that your configuration is defined as expected. This concept, Observability as Code, is brought to life through a collection of New Relic-supported orchestration tools, including Pulumi, Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, and a command-line interface. These tools enable you to integrate New Relic into your existing workflows, easing adoption, accelerating deployment, and returning focus to your main jobgetting stuff done.

In addition to the guides below, find more automation solutions in our Developer Toolkit.

Guides to automate workflows

Quickly tag resources

Add tags to apps for easy filtering

5 min

Automatically tag a simple "Hello World" Demo across the entire stack

See how easy it is to leverage automation in your DevOps environment!

30 min

Set up New Relic using the Kubernetes operator

Learn how to provision New Relic resources using the Kubernetes operator

20 min

Getting started with New Relic and Pulumi

Learn how to provision and manage New Relic resources with Pulumi

30 min

Set up New Relic using Helm charts

Learn how to set up New Relic using Helm charts

20 min
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