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Practice diagnosing common issues using New Relic

You're a developer at Acme Telco Lite, a mock telecom business that maintains an eCommerce website for its customers. Recently, your users have been complaining about errors and slow response times. Use New Relic to discover the sources of your users' frustrations.

Learning Objectives

In this lab, you:

  • Spin up the infrastructure for Acme Telco Lite using the New Relic demo-deployer
  • Use New Relic to understand the issues with Acme Telco Lite
  • Use the deployer to tear down the resources you create



1. Spin up Acme Telco Lite architecture

Set up your your environment to deploy Acme Telco Lite.

15 min

2. View your services

View your services in New Relic to diagnose the problem.

5 min

3. Diagnose high response time

Learn how to use New Relic to diagnose high response times in your services.

15 min

4. Diagnose error alerts

Learn how to use New Relic to diagnose error alerts in your services.

20 min

5. Tear Down Telco Lite

Once you finish diagnosing all the issues affecting Telco Lite, tear down your services.

15 min
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