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Build apps

You know better than anyone what information is crucial to your business, and how best to visualize it. Sometimes, this means going beyond dashboards to creating your own app. With React and GraphQL, you can create custom views tailored to your business. These guides are designed to help you start building apps, and dive into our library of components. We also have a growing number of open source apps that you can use to get started. The rest is up to you.

Guides to build apps

20 minutes

Add the NerdGraphQuery component to an application

The NerdGraphQuery component allows you to query data from your account and add it to a dropdown menu in an application

45 min

Add, query, and mutate data using NerdStorage

NerdStorage is a document database accessible within New Relic One. It allows you to modify, save, and retrieve documents from one session to the next.

20 min

Add a time picker to your app

Add a time picker to a sample application

15 min

Create a "Hello, World!" application

Build a "Hello, World!" app and publish it to New Relic One

30 min

Add a table to your app

Add a table to your New Relic One app


Permissions for managing applications

Learn about permissions for subscribing to apps

30 min

Publish and deploy apps

Start sharing the apps you build

20 min

Set up your development environment

Prepare to build apps and contribute to this site

30 min

Create a custom map view

Build an app to show page view data on a map