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Nerdpack permissions

There are several restrictions around who can publish, use, and subscribe to Nerdpacks (the file packages that represent New Relic One applications).

Restrictions for basic users

The most important permissions factor is user type. A basic user has several restrictions related to their inability to access Full Stack Observability, and a full user theoretically has full abilities.

Basic users can:

  • Build and serve their own Nerdpacks locally
  • Use some public Nerdpacks that don't make use of Full Stack Observability features that another user has subscribed their account to.

Basic users can't:

  • Publish the Nerdpacks they've built
  • Tag their Nerdpacks
  • Subscribe an account to a Nerdpack
  • Use private Nerdpacks (including their own)
  • Use public Nerdpacks that have Full Stack Observability features

Full users can use any Nerdpacks that the account they're in has been subscribed to, whether built by New Relic or others. Full users theoretically have Nerdpack management permissions, but there may be restrictions related to custom role assignments (see below).

For full users, there are role-related rules that may impact one's ability to manage Nerdpacks (publish them and subscribe to them). How this works depends on your account/user model:

To learn more about account/user models, see User model overview.

Account access

For organizations with master/sub-account structures:

  • If you subscribe to a Nerdpack from a master account, that access is inherited by all of its sub-accounts.
  • A Nerdpack made by your team can only be subscribed to from the master account that was used to publish it, or from its sub-accounts. This means that, if the Nerdpack needs to be available across your organization, you may need a New Relic admin to deploy it.
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