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Troubleshoot your website with New Relic browser

You're the developer of Relicstaurantss, a React app that lets users order food from their favorite restaurants. Your app is really popular among the users and you want to make sure your users always have the best experience with your site. To achieve this goal, you use New Relic browser to achieve better performance for your site and troubleshoot any issues as needed.

In this lab, you instrument your web-application with New Relic browser agent, monitor its metrics and troubleshoot frontend issues.


  • Spin up an React demo application.
  • Install New Relic browser agent.
  • Troubleshoot frontend errors.
  • Upload source map to New Relic.
  • Troubleshoot frontend slowness.


1. Set up your lab environment

Spin up your Relicstaurants application and simulator

5 min

2. Instrument your application with our browser agent

Instrument your React application with our browser agent

10 min

3. Debug errors in your application

Debug errors with our browser agent

15 min

4. Debug frontend slowness in your application

Debug frontend with our browser agent

10 min
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