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OpenTelemetry Masterclass

Welcome to our OpenTelemetry masterclass! In this course, you learn the ins and outs of OpenTelemetry, beginning with general definitions and examples of broad concepts, like telemetry, traces, and instrumentation, and ending with a hands-on workshop where you apply the concepts you learned throughout the course.

We've organized this course into three chapters:

  1. Telemetry basics
  2. OpenTelemetry fundamentals
  3. Hands-on OpenTelemetry

Chapter one: Telemetry basics

In this chapter, you learn the basic ideas of telemetry and telemetry data types. You also learn about the traditional methods of instrumenting applications to collect and send telemetry data.

Chapter two: OpenTelemetry fundamentals

In this chapter, you’re introduced to fundamental concepts and components of the OpenTelemetry standard and implementation so that you can learn how, when, and why you use it in your applications.

Specifically, you learn concepts like:

  • How OpenTelemetry provides both specifications and implementations
  • What the specification is, what it defines, and how you use it
  • What the OpenTelemetry implementations are and the components they cover

Chapter three: Hands-on OpenTelemetry

In this chapter, you walk through a workshop where you apply your knowledge from the previous chapters and learn how to instrument a basic application in your preferred programming language. You then see how that instrumentation produces useful telemetry data in New Relic.


Each chapter stands alone, so the prerequisites and learning outcomes are listed in the chapter's introduction.

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