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Chapter three: Hands-on OpenTelemetry

Now that you’ve learned the fundamentals of OpenTelemetry, it’s time to get some practical experience. In this chapter, you follow a workshop where you learn how to instrument a basic application in your preferred language. Then, you see how that instrumentation produces useful telemetry data in New Relic.


In this workshop, you:

  • Instrument an application with OpenTelemetry in your preferred programming language
  • View your data in New Relic



1. Workshop introduction

Workshop introduction

.NET OpenTelemetry workshop

Instrument a .NET application with OpenTelemetry

Python OpenTelemetry workshop

Instrument a Python application with OpenTelemetry

2. View a summary of your data

View a summary of your data in New Relic

3. View your traces

View your traces in New Relic

4. View error traces

View error traces in New Relic

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