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import { nerdlet } from 'nr1'

API methods


function (
urlState: Object

New nerdlet URL state.

) => Location


function (
config: NerdletConfig

New nerdlet config

) => undefined


function (
urlState: Object,

New nerdlet URL state.

urlStateOptions: UrlStateOptions

Options for the URL state.

) => void

Type definitions


pathname: string,

String representing the path to link to.

search: string,

String representing query parameters.

hash: string,

String to put in the URL as hash, e.g. #entities.



accountPicker: boolean,

Enable or disable the nerdlet's account picker.

accountPickerValues: any[],

Config the available accounts for the account picker. There are only two options: all authorized accounts (default) or all authorized accounts plus the 'All accounts' option (cross-account support). See examples for more details.

actionControls: boolean,

Enable or disable the nerdlet's action controls.

actionControlButtons: ActionControlButton[],

Config of your own custom action controls for the nerldet.

filterBar: boolean,

Enable or disable the nerdlet's filter bar.

header: boolean,

Enable or disable the nerdlet's header.

headerTitle: string,

Set the title of the nerdlet's header.

headerTitleMetadata: string,

Set the title metadata of the nerdlet's header.

headerType: string,

Set the header type of the nerdlet's header. Possible values are from nerdlet.HEADER_TYPE.

headerParentTitle: string,

Set the parent title of the nerdlet's header.

headerParentLocation: Location,

Set the parent location of the nerdlet's header.

timePicker: boolean,

Enable or disable the nerdlet's time picker.

timePickerRanges: TimePickerRange[],

Set of time ranges to display for this nerdlet.

timePickerDefaultOffset: number,

Time range offset to select by default.



label: string,

Label of the action control button.

type: Button.TYPE.PRIMARY | Button.TYPE.PLAIN,

Type of the action control button.

iconType: string,

Name of the icon to display.

hint: string,

Text used for the action control button's tooltip.

onClick: () => void,

Callback fired any time the user clicks on the action control button.



label: string,

Label for this time range.

offset: number,

Offset in ms.



replaceHistory: boolean,

If true, the current entry in the browser history will be replaced with the new one.




{ id: "authorized-accounts" }


CROSS_ACCOUNT: { id: "cross-account" }


PRIMARY: "primary",
SECONDARY: "secondary",
TERTIARY: "tertiary"


CUSTOM: "custom",
ENTITY: "entity"


{ label: "30 minutes", offset: 1800000 },
{ label: "60 minutes", offset: 3600000 },
{ label: "3 hours", offset: 10800000 },
{ label: "6 hours", offset: 21600000 },
{ label: "12 hours", offset: 43200000 },
{ label: "24 hours", offset: 86400000 },
{ label: "3 days", offset: 259200000 },
{ label: "7 days", offset: 604800000 },
{ label: "Set custom", offset: "Custom" }


CUSTOM: { label: "Set custom", offset: "Custom" },
NONE: { label: "Default", offset: null }
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