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Instrument and Analyze OpenTelemetry data

You're a developer who recently released a .NET weather forecast application to the world, and people can't stop talking about it! Surprised by the spike in popularity, you decided you should start collecting metrics and traces from your application so you can analyze them in New Relic.

You first thought about using our .NET agent, but before going through the efforts of setting that up, you heard about the "future of instrumentation", called OpenTelemetry, and you decided to reconsider.

OpenTelemetry is a standard for how to collect and send telemetry data to any backend observability platform. It's open source, flexible, and ubiquitous. Convinced that OpenTelemetry is indeed the future, you set off to use it in your application.


  • Automatically instrument a .NET application with OpenTelemetry
  • Analyze the telemetry data in New Relic



1. Set up your lab environment

Spin up your weather forecast application and simulator

5 min

2. Instrument your application with OpenTelemetry

Auto-instrument your application with the OpenTelemetry .NET SDK

5 min

3. View your OpenTelemetry data in New Relic

View your OpenTelemetry data in New Relic

5 min
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