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import { CardSection } from 'nr1'



Content to render inside the card.


Appends class names to the component.

Should be used only for positioning and spacing purposes.


Set this prop to make the component collapsible.


If true, the initial collapsed state of the card is collapsed.

Useful when you don't want to use a controlled component.


This function will be called whenever the user clicks the header to collapse or expand the component. If you are controlling the state of the component, use this to set the value of the collapsed prop.

function (
event: React.MouseEvent,
collapsed: boolean

Inline style for custom styling.

Should be used only for positioning and spacing purposes.


Adds a data-test-id attribute. Use it to target the component in unit and E2E tests.

For a test id to be valid, prefix it with your nerdpack id, followed up by a dot.

For example, my-nerdpack.some-element.

Note: You might not see data-test-id attributes as they are removed from the DOM, to debug them pass a e2e-test query parameter to the URL.

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