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New Relic One CLI catalog commands

To manage your catalog, use the commands below. You can click any command to see its usage options and additional details about the command.

nr1 catalog:infoShows the Nerdpack info stored in the catalog.
nr1 catalog:submitGathers and submits the catalog info on the current folder.

Command details

nr1 catalog:info

Get catalog details

Shows the information about your application that's displayed in the catalog.

If run within a specific Nerdpack folder, the info from that Nerdpack will be shown. If you don't want to get info from your local Nerdpack, use the --nerdpack-id=NERDPACK_ID option to query from a specific Nerdpack.


$ nr1 catalog:info


-f, --field=FIELDSpecifies which field you want info from.
-i, --nerdpack-id=NERDPACK_IDSpecifies which Nerdpack to get info from.
--profile=PROFILEThe authentication profile you want to use.
--verboseAdds extra information to the output.

nr1 catalog:submit

Send info to the catalog

Gathers the information you add to the catalog directory for your application and saves it to the catalog. See our catalog docs for details on adding screenshots and metadata to your applications to make them easy to find, attractive, and informative.

This command must be run on a Nerdpack folder. The command will search for specific files using convention names.


$ nr1 catalog:submit


-P, --skip-screenshotsSkips upload of screenshot assets.
--profile=PROFILEThe authentication profile you want to use.
--verboseAdds extra information to the output.
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