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Instant Observability (I/O)Mona Labs

Mona Labs

Mona Labs
Mona’s integration with New Relic provides next-level monitoring capabilities under a unified production AI environment.
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What's included

Mona: Initial Dashboard


Mona Labs Docs

Documentation on the workings of the Mona Labs integration


Mona provides the best visibility into AI systems in order to reduce associated risks with production AI, optimize operational processes, and enable teams to plan better AI roadmaps. The Mona - New Relic integration provides users with the ability to automatically view Mona generated insights directly on their New Relic dashboard, explore production AI / ML data with NRQL, and connect specific Mona insight events to New Relic Incident Intelligence.

Instantly get alerted on latency issues and automatically detect anomalies to ensure the best performance within production systems.

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