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Instant Observability (I/O)MySQL


Engage in MySQL performance monitoring with New Relic and benefit from improved performance, query optimization, and lower administrative overheads with our instant observability quickstart.
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What's included

MySQL overview dashboard


Innodb Pending Reads and Writes

This alert is triggered when the aggregate number of pending reads and writes in the MySQL buffer pool is greater than 2 for 5 minutes, which indicates the database engine is backlogged and waiting on resources.


Max Connection Errors per Second

This alert is triggered when there are greater than 1 errors against the max_connections limit in a 5 minute window, which indicates you have requests to your MySQL instance that are failing to connect. This setting's default is 501, but can va . . .


Questions per Second

This alert is triggered when the current rate of Questions is greater than 2 standard deviations above the baseline for 60s, which could be an early indicator of a saturation problem for your instance. It is important to note that this alert is . . .


Slow Queries per Second

This alert is triggered when the number of slow queries per second is greater than 5 for 5 minutes, which could indicate capacity issues or a query that has been changed and is experiencing performance issues. The Slow_queries counter increment . . .



Open source relational database with more than 20 years of community development and support.


MySQL monitoring quickstart

Applications powered by relational database management systems demand the user to understand how the application uses it. Quickly identify and resolve the source server issues with MySQL performance monitoring tools.

Identify query optimization metrics and more within a single New Relic MySQL dashboard and ensure the highest application performance with this approach.

MySQL monitoring

Optimize your infrastructure by collecting inventory and metrics from your database. Analyze the data to ascertain server health and identify the source of potential problems.

New Relic + MySQL - your ideal tool for better monitoring

Install this quickstart to access preconfigured observability solutions. Unlike other performance monitoring tools, New Relic is a powerful proactive remote monitoring solution that provides a comprehensive view from a single MySQL dashboard.

What’s included?

The MySQL quickstart include out-of-the-box dashboards and alerts, including:

  • Alerts (pending reads and writes, max connection errors/second, questions/second, and slow queries/second)
  • Dashboards (operations/second, slow queries per minute by node, active connections by node, and more)

Value of MySQL quickstart

New Relic’s instant observability quickstart helps developers accelerate time to value. You can use this approach to help reduce administrative overheads. Implement this robust performance and infrastructure monitoring tool within minutes.

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