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Instant Observability (I/O)PHP


New Relic's instant observability quickstart with a PHP server monitor agent helps app developers quickly identify and resolve errors, including slow responses, to enhance customer experiences.
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What's included



High duration

This alert is triggered when the total duration of the web transaction is longer than 10 seconds during 5 minutes


High error rate

This alert is triggered when the error percentage of web transactions is higher than 5% during 5 minutes


Low throughput

This alert is triggered when the throughput is 0 for 5 minutes



PHP is a general-purpose scripting language especially suited to web development.


Complete solution to PHP monitoring

Use a PHP server monitor agent and let developers see a high-level summary of their app performance in a comprehensive PHP dashboard. Help teams monitor the app's Apdex, build architectural maps, and find and resolve errors quickly.

A PHP server monitor collects and analyzes application data that drive data-driven decisions. Organize data, query data using NRQL, and visualize data (in customizable interactive dashboards) that directly impact customer experiences.

How to speed ip PHP with New Relic

Identify slow AJAX request performance issues at a glance through our PHP dashboard that boasts broader visibility. Proactively monitor where you should concentrate your efforts and address potential errors quickly.

What’s included?

Our PHP quickstart include out-of-the-box dashboards and alerts, including:

  • Alerts including error rates, duration, and throughput
  • Multiple ready-to-use dashboards including throughput, error rate %, transaction time in ms, and latest transactions

Value of .PHP quickstarts

New Relic's instant observability quickstart helps developers leverage broader visibility in a PHP dashboard to resolve errors and speed up processes that enhance customer experiences.

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